I came to Reina with pain in all parts of my body.  My list of complaints was a mile long.  We embarked on a total plan of mild yoga stretches, dietary changes and body work.  Now, I have had no pain for over 18 months, I’ve lost 35 pounds and I am beginning to move on a regular basis.  As one example, Reina worked on my feet (plantar fasciitis ) and corrected a condition that I had been living with for 15 years.  The only advice I could find from podiatrists was surgery and anti-inflammatory medications.  I now have a completely new relationship with my feet and shoes.  Thank you Reina.

Nancy R., Boston, MA

Reina is an exceptional massage therapist. Her touch is both deft and intuitive- she always seems to locate the perfect placement and apply the perfect pressure to ensure optimal healing and relaxation. Reina’s gentle and loving spirit permeates the massage experience, creating an extraordinarily peaceful space. After a massage with Reina, I feel balanced, fully renewed in body, mind and spirit. I recommend her highly.

Diane H., Boston, MA

Reina is amazing, she has a unique combination of strength and gentleness… I leave Reina feeling deeply cared for…

Luke O., Boston, MA

I have had massages the world over and Reina always exceeds all expectations.  I look forward to coming home from my travels so I can schedule a massage with Reina.  She has the perfect combination of personal warmth, physical strength, intuition and knowledge to give massages that respond to state of mind and body.  Her work can be extraordinarily therapeutic and still relaxing.  She treats the whole person, not just the muscles.  Reina is lovely, kind, and an extraordinary practitioner of the art of massage.

Laura M., Boston, MA

I workout on a regular basis and began to experience the effects of not enough stretching and message therapy. I had very tight hips, shoulders and lower back pain. Reina is wonderful…after only the second visit, she was able to alleviate the tightness and pain and help me better understand the necessity of regular therapy. Thank you Reina for showing me the importance of caring for my body on an entire new level. You are the best!”

Laura J., Charleston, SC

I had a sports massage therapist for years, who I loved. When she moved away I was in the market for a new massage therapist.  I had gone to several places, all acceptable but nothing outstanding.  A friend of mine referred me to Reina. She really is skilled and knowledgeable.  I am very active, and have had back surgery in the past, so someone who really knows what they are doing and how to do it is extremely important to me.  Reina is the best!

Jane F., Watertown, MA

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