Stress Reduction Package

This five week series is designed to provide an integrated approach to stress reduction. Five one-hour sessions provide concrete, scientifically proven tools to ease the grip of stress, improving your health and quality of life.

You will learn easy, accessible, but profoundly effective techniques. Your one-hour sessions will be a combination of:

  • breath work,
  • restorative yoga postures,
  • guided meditation, &
  • gentle bodywork…

to ease you into your most relaxed and present self.

Each session will build upon the next, helping you create a home practice that is specific to your individual needs. At the end of the five sessions you will receive a tailor-made manual for you home practice.

Example schedule

Week one:

15 min breathwork instruction

15 min guided meditation

30min Thai Yoga Massage

Week two:

15 min neck and shoulder massage

30 min meditation instruction

15 min restorative yoga

Week three:

10 min breathwork

30 min restorative yoga with guided meditation

20 min reflexology

Week four:

10 min breathwork

20 min meditation

30 min restorative yoga

Week five:

10 min breathwork

20 min restorative yoga

15 min guided meditation

15 min head, neck and shoulder massage

Here is what one client says:

“My work with Reina has made a tremendous impact in my stress management. Working a high stress job, I found myself needing to learn better coping skills. Reina thoughtfully and expertly has shown me what I can do every day to replace stress with a more effective way of being.”  -E.K. Newton, MA

The Stress Reduction Package is a $500 investment.