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2017 dates coming soon….


2017 dates coming soon….


Yoga Basics Series

5 Weeks of One-on-One Instruction

Each session will be fun, uplifting and highly individualized.  We will work together privately in my West Newton Studio and each one-hour session will include deep relaxation.

Week 1: Standing Postures – Standing asanas reflect back to us something about our willingness to connect to the earth, to all things in nature, resulting in balance and confidence.

Week 2: Forward Bending – Forward bending takes us into our past, teaching us how to resolve old issues or negative emotions that become trapped in the body.

Week 3: Back bending – Back bending helps us move forward into our future with grace and freedom by releasing tension, fear and negative emotion held in the thighs, abdomen, chest and throat.

Week 4: Inversions and putting it all together – An experience of the integration of the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies within a comprehensive Yoga practice.

Week 5: Meditation and home practice instruction. Together we will map out a realistic home practice that will include mediation and yoga asana.

Each week will build upon the others, resulting in deeper knowledge and more confidence as a yoga practitioner. This is a great way to enter into a yoga practice if you feel hesitant to attend a group class.

Four consecutive weeks of your choosing.

Bring a mat and comfortable clothes

Series can be purchased and sessions scheduled online via my scheduling page.